Received Goods

2013-07-20 21.18.00

Calepino order received from France. 6 dot grid, 2 graph, 2 blank and 2 large graph…


Experimenting with Noodler’s Lexington Grey

Trying to lay down as much ink with the pen to get a feel for it, and I’ve yet to put this¬†fountain pen aside.

A page of Lamy Blue:


A page of Noodler’s Lexington Grey:


I’d only ordered a sample of the Lexington Grey from Goulet Pens, eager to try it out. A bunch of watercolor artists I follow have praised this ink and its unobtrusive line under paint, but since I don’t dabble in watercolor much, I don’t think I’ll have much use for this grey. Glad to have tried it, though.

Paradise Pen Red Ink Review


2013-07-08 17.43.36 2013-07-08 17.44.08

I found this ink at Paradise Pen at the Mall of America in Bloomington MN. A predominantly high end store but they sell ten dollar cheapo’s and Lamy’s at list price.

They have a limited supply of ink on hand including Noodlers and Private Reserve as well as their house brand. I asked for Diamine and the clerk had never heard of it. I thought that was strange considering he looked to be in his 50’s and wasn’t lacking in knowledge or experience.

He suggested the red (which the website calls Sunset Red) ¬†and I took a shot and was very happy I did. The color is nice and bright and flows very smoothly. No complaints whatsoever and the dry time is about average. Kind of expensive for my tastes but they are made in Europe so there you go. Highly recommended from “the nations largest retailer of fine writing instruments.”

Care Package from a Nib Creep

Creepy Ted sent a care package last week that, at first glance, appeared to be the makings of an amateur meth lab, but upon closer inspection proved to be my initiation into the world of fountain pen inks. With my new pen fetish already enough to disturb my family, this paraphenalia did not go unnoticed in the house…